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  • Team BodyKore Welcomes Richard “Army” Maguire

    Richard “Army” Maguire started his involvement in martial arts and fitness at 13 years old when his father enrolled him at the local YMCA Judo class taught by Robert Smith. Forty years later, he is still learning and sharing what he has collected and refined.

    Once he became exposed to the arts, his interest grew which resulted in him seeking out a Karate Instructor during high school. It was during that time that Bruce Lee and David Carradine also became popular and Kung Fu became the rage. As a result, at 17 years old Army started seriously studying Tien Shen Pai under Master Wee Hoo Huang. Thirty years later he became a 64th generation disciple of Grand Master Chien Lian Huang .

    Army has made martial arts a big part of his life. He is well versed in Yang style Tai Chi Chuan, Hsing Yi, Muay Thai, Western Boxing, and Catch as Catch Can Wrestling. In addition, he also studied, Penjak Silat, Aikido, Jui Jitsu, and is an instructor of Arnis under the late Grand Master Frederico Lazo who created Luzviminda Arnis. Currently, Army is studying NNG Balintawak with Grand Master Nene Gaabucayan in Los Angeles.

    Army is also well versed in many obscure specialties relating to martial arts. This includes whip making, Filipino Garrotes and Bastons. He is a master of “Iron Palm” and enhances it with intensive hand grip training. Army presently teaches both the light and heavy club swinging exercise and techniques from Asia. Early on, Army was exposed to a Master of Thang Tha, a martial art from Manipur, where he learned the club swinging specialty. He has also spent numerous hours with the members of the local Zurkhaneh (house of strength) here in Los Angeles, where he learned about the timeless traditions of the club swinging. The local Iranians befriended him and taught him about the traditions of this art, sharing what their grandfathers had taught and passed down through the generations.

    Army is constantly inventing new and useful tools for exercise and MMA conditioning. By trade, Army is a professional exotic animal trainer and has been fortunate to have traveled the world training elephants. During his travels, he always sought out new teachers where he continued to learn about the different cultures and arts. It was this unique combination of personal and professional life that sparks his creativity and innovation of new and unique equipment.

    To find out more about Army, you can visit his site: www.Agelesstrength.com

    Perisian Meels Club Demonstration

    RKC Instructor Mike Krivka , Balintawak GM Nene Gaabucayan , Army Maguire

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