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  • Team BodyKore Welcomes Model: Dominique Diroff

    BodyKore is proud to introduce the lovely Dominique Diroff.   An avid model and trainer in fitness, Miss Diroff is currently residing in the sunny state of Florida.

    We believe luck is about opportunity and being prepared when chances becomes available. As such, during her first year in college, Miss Diroff got her first break by luck when she was asked to replace a model who did not show up for a fashion show. Since the show was for charity, she obliged. And ever since then, she hasn’t turned back on her career. She’ is currently signed by the renowned Ford Modeling Agency and is based out of Miami Beach, FL.

    Miss Diroff is also an huge fan of MMA, one who also trains in submission grappling and MuayThai.  The MMA scene intrigued her because her dad trained for it, and one day she went with her father to check it out.  Upon seeing what MMA training was all about, she instantly fell in love with the sport and has been training since.  She currently trains at Jungle MMA and the Knockout Zone, both of which are great for cardio and boot camp classes.  Miss Diroff has also competed in 2 grappling tournaments and is currently undefeated in her weight class.

    Besides modeling and training, Miss Diroff likes to watch what she eats… and it shows!  She incorporates lots of fruits, vegetables, almonds and lean protein to her diet, but her biggest weakness is dark chocolate which she treats herself to every so often.  She is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business management and enjoys traveling, going to the beach, hanging out with friends, reading, and is almost always up for trying new outdoor or adventurous activities.

    Dominique Diroff has both the brains and beauty to go with her looks!   Miss Diroff is currently featured in this month’s FIGHT! Magazine (March 2010) issue that is currently on stands everywhere.  Please be sure to pick up your copy!

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    You can also see Dominique's Model Profile here.

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