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  • TapouT Magazine Issue 39 – How The Best are Becoming Better – Mass Suit Article

    The MASS Suit was featured on this month's issue of TapouT Magazine.  Check out the feature below:

    Have you have ever dreamed of becoming an Ultimate Fighting Champion? What if you could attain the athleticism of George St. Pierre with the striking ability of Anderson Silva and the longevity of Randy Couture? For the first time ever, we are presented with a performance enhancing resistance suit that has the capability of delivering these attributes to the athlete.  There is no doubt that the future of Mixed Martial Arts training lays in the comfortable harnesses of the Maximum Athletic Sport Suit (MASS Suit).  The best in the world are already taking advantage of the MASS Suit.  UFC’s middleweight champion Anderson Silva is the best pound for pound fighter in the world and has been seen training with the MASS Suit.  World-renowned practitioner Renzo Gracie uses the MASS Suit to perfect his Brazilian Jui-Jitsu.  Twelve-time world kickboxing champion, Hector “Aztec Warrior” Pena, trains with the MASS Suit.  Tony “Kryptonite” Lopez is on a 16-fight win streak continues his dominance with help from the MASS Suit.  WBA Super Middleweight Champion Andre Ward, attains his edge with the MASS Suit.   Also training with the MASS Suit are MMA superstars Anthony “Rumble” Johnson and Dave Roberts.

    So what makes the MASS Suit distinct?The secret behind the scientifically engineered MASS Suit lies within the suit’s ability to engage resistance bands that are securely fastened to your major body parts.  The resistance bands are positioned in crisscrossed angles that will force you to work against your body’s natural movements.  The bands comfortably fasten to your core and branch out to your major extremities, forcing you to use your core in every movement.

    Your core is the center of your body and is responsible for dispersing movement in all directions.  MMA fighters need to make a vast array of movements that stem from their core in order to be successful in competition.  The versatility of movement needed in MMA is unrivaled by any other sport.  The MASS Suit will synchronize your core and deliver you with the explosiveness to dominate your opponents. Within weeks of training with the MASS Suit, you will attain muscle memory at a faster rate than any product on the market.  The muscle memory you attain syncs the activity of your muscles to your brain until they act as one cohesive unit.  By attaining this through your training, there is no doubt you will attain an edge above your competitor come time for competition.

    Constructed with the finest of neoprene and web cloth, the MASS Suit’s dynamic design allows your back and core the proper oxygen intake needed during extreme training.  The materials will wick sweat away from your skin and enable you to train in virtually any environment.  The early success of the MASS Suit in Mixed Martial Arts has started to reflect onto other sports.  Jesse Nicassio, who designed the MASS Suit, constructed it with a broad target market that enables the suit to be used in any sport.  The design of the suit enables you to wear it with any type of footwear including cleats. Also, you can wear the suit while you’re barefoot for sparring on mats or using it to train in a swimming pool.  No matter what sport it’s being used for, the MASS Suit promises to deliver you with more power, agility, and explosion to take you to the top of whatever sport your training for. Along with the MASS Suit’s ability to provide performance enhancement, it also possesses the ability to rehabilitate injuries.  By adjusting the resistance bands to a lower setting, the athlete can work against the resistance to recruit muscle fibers to repair nagging injuries.  In just weeks, you’ll be back in action and already using the MASS Suit to get an edge on your opponent.

    To see how the MASS suit will give you an edge in Mixed Martial Arts or any other sports you participate in, check out the demonstration videos available to you on www.MASSsuit.com. Once you see how the suit can increase your chances of being the best, order one today and you’ll be on your way to revolutionary results.

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