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  • So Cal CrossFit Sectional Qualifiers Coverage

    Team BodyKore attended the  Southern California CrossFit Sectional Qualifiers,  held at the UCLA Drake Stadium over the past weekend.  We got a chance to view many of the top CrossFitters in the Southern California area compete with not only other camps but with themselves.  The competition and games consisted of various cross training exercises such as deadlifts, overhead squats, L-sits, Pull-ups, 800m etc.  There were hundreds of competitors representing their respective training teams from all over southern California Arizona and other states. The event lasted two days with both men and women competing  in the intense games.

    CrossFit is a form of strength and conditioning fitness methodology used by over 1,000 gyms across the world.  The style of CrossFit training is gaining wide popularity daily and is especially used by hardcore fitness athletes looking to enhance their training to the next level.  The training focuses on cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, strength, stamina, power, speed, balance, accuracy, balance, agility and uses various fitness equipment ranging from kettlebellsbumper platesjump ropespull-upsdumbbells, and body weight exercises.

    Please enjoy the photos from Day 1 and Day 2 of the games and some videos of the athletes in action.

    A view from on top of the UCLA Drake Stadium where the games took place.

    Some of the female competitors partaking in the Overhead Squat competition with bumper plates !

    Women throwing Medicine Balls over the line.

    CrossFit camps waiting their turn to compete and cheer on their fellow teammates.

    CrossFit Male athletes performing pull-ups at the games.  The event was timed and based on how many they could finish.   The top number was 44!

    The Deadlifts was one of the crowds most favorite game to spectate.

    CrossFit athletes performing the L-Sit, which is great for core training.

    The final event of the games was the 800m.

    Here is a list of the Top 5 Men and Women of each competition:

    Stadium Chipper Results (Men)

    489Grundler, William14:4211
    569Dalton, Gregg15:2322
    481Perelmutter, Jarett15:4433
    424Huie, Storm15:5844
    445Fernandez, Max16:2755

    Double Down Results (Men)

    NumberNameSquat clean/HSPUSnatch/Pull-ups/RowDouble DownPtsPlace
    424Huie, Storm04:4506:3311:1811
    445Fernandez, Max05:0006:3311:3322
    410Hopkins, Benjamin04:5706:4711:4433
    481Perelmutter, Jarett05:0507:2412:2944
    458Knight, Craig05:1907:1912:3855

    Max Efforts Results (Men)

    NumberNameRowPtsDeadliftPtsL-sitPtsOverhead SquatPtsPull-upsPts800mPtsMax EffortsPtsPlace
    449Gregrow, Paul7433301510024017282803:033813311
    424Huie, Storm695630157722477254502:48915422
    410Hopkins, Benjamin7626301566443631254502:48917033
    466McSharry, Mark858273182123149226602:42417033
    494Snider, Josh791828266644448311103:166817555

    Stadium Chipper Results (Women)

    212Kantola, Ingrid16:1411
    201Benson, Lindsey19:2022
    211Brown, Shirley19:2933
    224Curley, Maddy21:2144
    215Guse, Beth21:4455

    Double Down Results (Women)

    NumberNameSquat clean/HSPUSnatch/Pull-ups/RowDouble DownPtsPlace
    212Kantola, Ingrid07:0108:2515:2611
    224Curley, Maddy07:5808:0616:0422
    202Kennedy, Stephanie07:4509:4017:2533
    215Guse, Beth08:5808:4717:4544
    201Benson, Lindsey08:4409:1417:5855

    Max Efforts Results (Women)

    NumberNameRowPtsDeadliftPtsL-sitPtsOverhead SquatPtsPull-upsPts800mPtsMax EffortsPtsPlace
    212Kantola, Ingrid5283028415491142103:0235011
    221Arnold, Liz491719198513321025403:1266922
    211Brown, Shirley5283217119426151703:38247533
    213Lynn, Bonnie47262112100744421603:34227744
    215Guse, Beth5281530761836922503:21128255

    For full list of scores visit: http://scores2010.crossfit.com/

    Videos of the event

    Pull-up Competition:

    Deadlift Competition:

    Overhead Squat Competition:

    L-Sit Competition:

    Check out the pictures from the event:

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