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  • Crossfit Equipment Item – Slam Ball Product Review

    The Slam Ball is a medicine ball used for slamming exercises. The slammer ball does not bounce like the conventional medicine ball, this allows the user to slam the ball onto the floor without it bouncing back up. The slammer ball comes in two sizes and eight different weights. The first being a 9" diameter ball in 10lb, 15lb, 20lb, 25lb and 30lbs. The second being a 10" diameter ball in 35lb, 40lb and 50lb weights. The slammer ball is made of a thick 1/4" PVC rubber core with a mixture of sand and air inside the core. The outside of the core has a non-slip rigid feel that helps with the grip when the ball is wet with condensation or sweat from your hands. The ball comes with an air inlet hole that allows you to pump it up with air for better grip. The slammer ball comes in Navy Blue with the weight markings on the top side.  The slam ball is used in many crossfit exercises.

    Check out a video of the slammer:

    Slam Ball

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