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  • Simple Exercise Work-Outs at the Office


    A vast majority of people are gaining weight by simply sitting in the office day in and day out.  As the years go by your body tends to not be able to break down foods and digest as fast as it used to be.  With the average person working longer hours compared to years ago, the 9 to 5 work hours are now turning into 8 to 6 or even way longer.  Sitting in the office or simply not being active takes a toll on the body.  Add eating breakfast, lunch and long hours to the mix and one will gradually see themselves gaining excess weight slowly but surely.

    There are certain things one can do that adds up.  Here are a few tips that can gradually help you work out at the office!

    • Parking your car further  allows you to walk to and from your desk daily.
    • Taking the stairs instead of the elevator
    • Switching out your chair to an exercise ball allows for better posture
    • Standing up and stretching every hour or so
    • Walking to the fax machine or delivery documents to co-workers instead of emailing
    • Small fitness products such as grips, light dumbbells to lift while at your desk
    • If you live relatively close to work try bicycling to work for a change

    Overall the sky's the limit, but using the excuse of "I don't have time at work to work out" doesn't seem to cut it anymore if you are really serious about losing weight and being more active.  Be creative with your daily activities because being active is better than not!  Most companies these days even offer group discounts or perks on joining fitness clubs and staying active.

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