Isolation Series- Bicep Preacher Curl. Model No GR609


Bicep Preacher Curl. Model No GR609
  1. Dimension: L X W X H: 1090*1230*1560mm
2. Weight: 109kgs
3. Weight stack: standard: 170lbs, optional: 220lbs
4. Workout muscles: Biceps

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Product Description

The Isolation Series accentuates elegant looks through precision and attention to detail. Modern designed is produced in accordance with the human body’s mechanics and kinematics.

Unlike free weight exercises, Isolation establishes concrete mechanics when performing a given exercise. Fluid motion creates a guided path for smooth repetitions. Natural designed was intended so that its users can quickly and safely switch from various Isolation machines in a circuit fashion. Its easy to adjust weight system, allows the user to quickly change weight, perfect for drop sets and pyramid training