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  • Product Review on the Gympak Door Gym

    The Gympak Door Gym is a MUST HAVE item.  This travel sized companion can be used on any door frame 30" wide or smaller and can be easily dismantled (4 screws) so you can bring it with you on any trip.  The Gympak Door Gym is a multifunctional piece of equipment that allows you to do up to 9 different exercises with.  It's made of durable steel and tested for up to 300 lbs.  The Door Gym is mounted by hooking the back bar onto the door frame and supported with the side of the doors so the Door Gym doesn't move (no screws or bolts are used for mounting).

    Door Gym

    There are multiple functions for the Door Gym: Wide grip pull-up, Close grip pull-up, Wide grip chin-up, Chin-Up, Side grip push-ups, Wide grip push-ups, Crunches.  The unit is basically an all in one unit from your traditional door mounted Pull-up bar/Ab crunch/Push-up bar.  Bodykore Store sells this item for $29.99.  You can purchase one here.

    A great addition to the Gympak Door Gym is the Gympak Ab Straps.  These straps connect directly to the bar and supports your weight by your elbows so you can perform hanging leg lifts.  The Gympak Ab Straps can be purchased at our store.

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