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  • Product Review – Glute Ham Developer (GHD)

    KORE strength and leg training is currently the next craze within the fitness domain.  Although products such as the medicine ball and suspension techniques are great exercises and offer killer work outs, we take a look at another hot product that we are proud to introduce to our ever growing line-up of KORE exercises training products, especially in the crossfit community.

    The Glute Ham Developer (GHD) will allow you to perform some of the most challenging trunk flexion and extension exercises out there.  The exercises on the developer gives you a true connection between your upper and lower body.  The machine also allows more weight off the ground and solidifies your overhead lockout.

    The settings on both the vertical and horizontal part of the GHD allows the user to make the required adjustments for comfort.

    The split pad allows male athletes to perform hip and back extensions in comfort.  The footplate also accommodates any size athlete.

    The GHD is built with heavy guage steel to keep bolted joints will in place and sturdy.

    Comfortable high density hip padding and the requisite split pad round out this indestructible piece, a must for training in high-use environments, and perfect equipment for crossfitters.

    We also offer the GHD in split pad options as well.

    Each GHD is built to order and can be done in buyers choice of color, even the upholstery.  These are built with very high quality and heavy steel gage and are commercial type products.  Please allow for about 1 week lead time.  For more information on the unit and where to purchase this please view here.

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