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  • Product Review- Frequent Flyr 2010 Mestizo Fixed Wheel/Single Speed Bike

    Besides saving car gasoline and depreciation, a bicycle is a health saver since it is another form of aerobic exercise. Fitness enthusiasts can continue their workout outside the gym! Bike rides result in breathing heavily, burning calories, and gaining strength- thus promoting good health and positive moods. Freqnt Flyr introduces the 2010 Mestizo. It has a single drivetrain where resistance is reflected from a route, and the quality design is basic to be utmost reliable.

    Mestizo is the quick getaway-bike due to its versatile and agile design. The simple build makes it low maintenance and easily upgradeable. The rear wheel is equipped with both a freewheel for cruising and a fixed-cog for pedal assisting. Front and rear brakes are simply detachable for any stopping preference. A TIG-welded CrMo frame and fork provides the best amount of durability, lightness, and comfort for the rider. The lowered frame profile also offers upper-leg clearance to promote maneuverability. The Mestizo is setup to have the simplicity of a track-bike and functionality of a single-speed commuter.

    -Lightweight complete bicycle ~22 lbs.
    -2 colors available: Matte Midnight and Silver Metallic
    -3 bike sizes but not inclusive: S (4‘10- 5‘3), M (5‘4-5‘9), L (5’10- 6’3)

    If you're unfamiliar road bikes, there are several types that are common: Road Bike, Touring Bikes and Fixed Wheel Bikes.  Road bikes are characterized by their light frames and narrow, high-pressure tires. They're generally less comfortable than other types of bicycles, but their design makes for a faster and more responsive ride.    The fixed wheel road bikes are great for fitness because the pedals are fixed onto the hub so you will need to constantly pedal the bike throughout the ride.  Fixed wheel bikes also do not have gears so you will need to pedal through each hill and the bigger the hill is, the more resistance you will encounter.

    For this product review, we took the Frequent Flyr Mestizo to Pasadena's Rose Bowl to test the ride.  The Rose Bowl is a great place to ride because the terrain is smooth yet there are some slight hills that make you work throughout the ride.The Mestizo is extremely light.  The frame is made of CrMo metal and the whole bike weighs about 22lbs.  The handling on the bike was easy to control due to the light frame as well.  The ride was extremely smooth and we were able to take the bike upwards of 30mph on the slopes.  The fixed wheel definitely gave me a workout on the slight hill and I was pretty fatigued by the 8th lap.

    Product Reviewed by Team BodyKore's Rachel Tang We also offer a wheeling bike that can be used for in-home use. Please also check out our wheeling bike.

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