Steel Power Clubs

The BodyKore Steel Power Clubs come in 3 different shapes and sizes: 4kg (8.8lbs), 8kg (17.6lbs) and 12kg (24.4lbs).  The sleek design is made for Power movements such as: swings, presses, squats, cleans and holds.  They’re made of a durable solid steel with black powder coating.  The lighter clubs (4kg and 8kgb) have a thinner diameter around the grip so you can perform wrist, hand rotational exercises and the heavier clubs are better used for swings and presses.  The design of these clubs are different than the traditional Indian Clubs and Clubbells because they’re longer and thinner around the ends.  The Steel Power Clubs aren’t as long as the Clubbell and they’re thinner around the ends for more fluidity on the swings.

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