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  • Official Sponsors of Beale Beatdown 2 at Beale Airforce Base – 01/23/10


    BodyKore will be the official sponsor of the "Beale Beatdown 2" MMA event being held at the Beale Airfoce Base on January 23, 2010.   This is the second installment of the Beale Beatdown series presented by World Fighting Coalition.    Here is the full fight card:

    Main Card

    World FC Light Weight (155lbs.) Grand Prix Championship

    (Unlimited Kickboxing) Tristan “Titay” Arenal vs. Chris “Delunatic” (Team Asylum)

    World FC Bantam (135lbs.) Weight Title

    (Gracie Fighter/ Team Black) Tyler Cronin vs. Anthony “Psycho Sonny” Ramos (Team Asylum)

    Welter Weight (170lbs.) Bout

    (Gracie Fighter/ Team Black) Juan Quesada vs. Mike Gevorgian (Independent- Angel Valerio)

    Light Weight (155lbs.) Bout

    (Unlimited Kickboxing) Dave Primicias vs. Justin Blaire (East Bay Elite)

    Light Heavy (205lbs.) Weight Bout

    (Oakdale MMA) Lloyde Mathison vs. Kerry “The Ish” Brown (Team Asylum)

    Under Card

    Welter Weight (170lbs.) Bout

    (CSA) Erica Faria vs. Mike Bailey (Oakdale MMA)

    Light Heavy Weight (155lbs.) Bout

    (Gracie Fighter/ Team Black) Roy Boughton vs. TBA

    Welter Weight (170lbs.) Bout

    (CSA) Idres Rahmani vs. Justin Ross (East Bay Elite)

    Light Weight (155lbs.) Bout

    (Oakdale MMA) Ricardo Garcia vs. TBA

    Bantam Catch Weight (140lbs.) Bout

    (CSA) Steve Tamayo vs. Cameron Daniels (Gracie Fighter Team Black)

    Feather Weight (145lbs.) Bout

    (Fight Factory) Gerald Bailey vs. TBA

    Welter Weight (170lbs.) Bout

    (Gracie Fighter/ Team Black) George Miller vs. TBA

    For more information about the event, please visit World Fighting Coalition's website.

    You can also purchase tickets here.

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