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    BodyKore has teamed up with MMA Management Power House - Knock Out Representation.  Knock Out Representation is a leading MMA management firm and has been established to bring MMA fighters an organization that will be in their corner both in and out of the cage.  As a top MMA firm in the industry, KOR encompasses the entire spectrum of their professional careers; from their humblest beginnings, to the height of their fame, to well after retirement from the spotlight.

    KOR strives to consistently align its fighters with well known and respected companies in the thriving MMA industry. Our ultimate goal as an MMA fighter manager is to maximize exposure for our athletes while also creating great opportunities for our sponsors. KOR achieves this by cultivating fight night sponsorships, arranging appearances, organizing seminars, designing marketing campaigns, fostering social networking and more.

    Unlike other MMA managers, at KOR we ensure that every athlete we represent is directly involved in working with their sponsors, their marketing campaigns and the creation of their personal websites and social networking pages. Their opinions count and we are here to listen and pass it on to the proper party.  An MMA manager wouldn't be much without the fighters after all.

    Each KOR fighter is expected to maintain high ethical standards and keep the best interests of sponsors in mind at all times. As an MMA fighter manager, this philosophy helps our agency foster positive relationships with our fighters, our sponsors and the general public.

    In addition, we also pride ourselves on being extremely fan friendly, by planning numerous fight gear giveaways plus autograph signings. We're all about going the extra mile as an MMA fighter manager to maximize the success of all of the parties involved.

    KOR presents and works with some of the top mma fighters, from current and former MMA champions ranging from the likes of Jamie Varner, Charles Oliveira, Miller Brothers, Sean Sherk, Rafello Oliveira, etc. along with top companies such as BodyKore, Dethrone, Bony Acai, TapouT, Sprawl, etc.

    At KOR they are sure to have just the right rep to fulfill your needs. We can offer you years of experience in the fast paced sports industry, backed by a Masters degree in Sport Marketing and Management. If you are looking for representation, would like to inquire about sponsorships or have a question about MMA managers in general please contact KOR at info@KOreps.com.


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