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  • MMA Fighter Anthony “Rumble” Johnson trains with the MASS Suit


    BodyKore's Andrew Gera visited with former UFC Fighter Anthony "Rumble" Johnson and had him try on the MASS Suit. Rumble instantly fell in love with the suit and was amazed at how much more explosiveness he was getting from striking with the bands. As you may already know, Rumble is a feared striker and one of the best in the business. With the MASS Suit, he can take his striking to another level. Check out the videos below:

    Anthony "Rumble" Johnson Training with MASS (MAXIMUM ATHLETIC STRIKING SUIT)

    Anthony "Rumble" Johnson tries on the MAXIMUM ATHLETIC STRIKING SUIT and trains with it on a 150lb Heavy Banana Punching Bag. The MASS Suit is a vest with resistance bands connecting your elbows, hands, knees and feet. The bands can be changed for different resistance levels. The MASS Suit is great for all types of training including: MMA, Boxing, Basketball, Football, Baseball, Soccer, Cycling, Track & Field, Wrestling, Triathlon, Volleyball, etc. You can purchase one here.

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