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  • Mistakes People Make When They Are Trying to Lose Weight…

    With the new year coming around the corner, many individuals are already starting to list their "resolutions". Anything from trying to quit smoking, going to the gym, being a better person etc.   But probably the biggest of them all is "I want to lose weight."

    One of the biggest dieting errors for everyone is treating all calories the same.   People are very infatuated with calorie count but there is a huge difference between lean proteins, such as breast meat from chicken, as well as healthy fats, and high-fiber carbs.    Imaging if you will a snack with refined carbs versus an apple, sure both have roughly the same calorie count however the apple will do much more for your body, therefore providing more nutrients for you to stay lean and energized throughout the day.

    A lot of people also think that skipping meals will help them lose weight and save on calories, but this is one of the biggest mistakes out there.  Try eating smaller meals and snacks versus three meals being breakfast, lunch and dinner. F ive to Six smaller meals has been proven to keep your metabolism running fast and your energy levels even higher so that you can feel better, and as the same time start seeing results.  Add weight lifting and cardio to the regime and you will start seeing the weight loss sooner than later! Stay tuned for more healty write-ups and tips!

    This article was written by BodyKore's Rachel Tang.  For more information about Rachel, you can view her profile here:  Team BodyKore's Racheroonie

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