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  • MetaMoris Pro II Jiu-Jitsu Tournament Event Coverage 6/9/13

    BodyKore was at Metamoris Pro II Jiu-Jitsu Tournament on Sunday at UCLA.  The event brought is thousands of spectators from around the nation as well as a who's who list of fitness/celebrities from Ed O'Neill, Billy Blanks, Royce Gracie, Rickson Gracie, Terrell Owens, Joe Rogan, Eddie Bravo, Chael Sonnen, Benson Henderson and a ton of other UFC Fighters and actors.  This event marked the second Pro Jiu-Jitsu tournament promoted by a few of the Gracie brothers and featured Absolute BJJ practitioners.


    There were some interesting matchups on the card, including Andre Galvao vs. Rafael Lovato, Jr., both of whom are former world champions. Galvao fought Ryron Gracie to a draw in Metamoris 1 while Lovato finished Kayron Gracie with a kimura. Other draws included Kron Gracie (son of Rickson Gracie) against Japanese MMA champion Shinya Aoki in a no gi match and a matchup of greats from different eras as former world champion Braulio Estima squared off against current world champion Rodolfo Vieira. Brandon Schaub of UFC fame met up with former BJJ world champion Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu. There was also a ladies matchup featuring current BJJ world champion Michelle Nicolini vs. Mackenzie Dern, who just received her BJJ black belt this year. JT Torres and Victor Estima rounded out the card.

    Last year’s edition of Metamoris had interesting fights and fantastic finishes, including Caio Terra armlocking Jeff Glover, Kron Gracie armlocking Otavio Sousa and the previously mentioned Lovato submission. There was even a little controversy, as Ryron Gracie seemed to focus solely on avoiding submissions using his “keep it playful” strategy. As a result, this year’s edition included a trio of referee’s picking a winner in case any fights went to a draw. It was a good thing they did, as only one fight finished in a submission, and even that submission carried a little controversy.

    Kron Gracie and Shinya Aoki headlined the card. Gracie has a non-stop, submission style in BJJ. Aoki is known for some  submissions in his MMA fights. Knowing this, Gracie was not about to let go of a guillotine on Aoki, even when the pair rolled off the mats. The fight was restarted on the mats with the guillotine locked in, and Aoki had no choice but to tap.  Please feel free to view the gallery below and check out www.metamoris.com for more information on upcoming bouts!


    Shinya Aoki vs. Kron Gracie
    Braulio Estima vs. Rodolfo Vieira
    Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu vs. Brendan Schaub
    Mackenzie Dern vs. Michelle Nicolini
    Andre Galvao vs. Rafael Lovato Jr.
    Jonathan Torres vs. Victor Estima


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