LIFT Lifetime Innovative Fitness Training- Covina, CA

LIFT is a personal Training Studio that offers Personalized workouts for Personalized Goals.

About Lift
You won't find a treadmill at any LIFT Studio. At LIFT we believe that fitness should go back to the basics with raw organic workouts. Our clients workout with ropes, rings, tires, sleds, uppercut punching bags and more. Learn the truth about health and nutrition, not what the media and food industry wants you to believe. Call for a free consultation and workout at any of our two locations. 202 E Rowland Covina (909) 720-4012 or 1192 E Colorado Pasadena (626) 221-6765.

Build your garage or gym like LIFT with products found exclusively at BodyKore:

12"-36" Plyometric Box Set

Stroops Accelerator Band/Power Drive Sled

Kettlebell Set w/ Rack

Dumbbell Set with Rack

Battle Ropes



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