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  • Lava Fitness – Carlsbad, California

    Lava Fitness is one of the most premiere training facilities that is open for anyone ranging from those looking to lift weights, to cardio and full sparring and training.   With several locations in San Diego we visited the location in Carlsbad.   Lava fitness has all the tools under one roof to offer its members.  It is also a place where many San Diego Charger Football players call home as well as MMA veteran fighters such as Rashard Evans, King Mo Lawal etc.

    The gym itself is outfitted with top of line cardio equipment, and weights such as kettlebells, dumbells etc.  The gym also houses a boxing ring, a matted area for training and jiu-jitsu and even has suspension training classes, pilates and spin classes.  There isn't anything form of training that Lava Fitness does not offer.  Looking to brush up on your boxing technique? no problem the gym has rows of boxing bags and special strength training such as sledge hammers and tire flipping.  If you are in the San Diego area and looking for a place to train with expert trainers or even looking for a gym to call home, we would highly recommend our friends at Lava Fitness!  Please enjoy the pictures below and see the amenities that this place offers.

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