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  • LA FitExpo Coverage

    The Los Angeles Fit Expo concluded last weekend but  Team BodyKore's reporter Freddy Sosa and our Photographer Augusto Sosa was there covering the event.  Check out the coverage here:

    01/23/10 Los Angeles, CA

    It's the Day 1 of the two day LA Fitness Expo. It's around 11am and the crowd is already packed at the LA Convention Center.  The South Hall of the convention center is where the Expo is taking place but multiple events are taking place this weekend at the same time.  The Black College convention of America is taking place as well as tryouts for America's Got Talent so there's well over 10,000 people at the convention center even before noon.  The LA Fit Expo expects 15,000 over the next two days so this is going to be a really busy weekend.

    The schedule of events lists that there will be a number of interesting activities going on throughout the day.  The US Gracie Nationals and Kid's World Champion Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournaments are scheduled for the entire day as well as the LA Open Martial Arts Competition.  There will be a number of lifting competitions going on throughout the day that include the USPF American Cup Powerlifting Championship, Gaspari Nutrition's All-American Strongman Challenge as well as the Champion Nutrition's Bench Press & Bicep Curl Competition.  There will also be a number of demonstrations for Olympic Lifting, Kettlebell swings, Martial Arts and even how to cook 10 minute meals.

    Kid's World Brazilian Championship

    Gaspari Nutrition's All-American Strongman Challenge

    US Gracie Nationals Brazilian Jiujitsu Tournament

    Kettlebell Demonstration

    About 150 different vendors exhibiting at the expo with all sorts of different types of products and services.  The majority of the vendors were nutrition and supplements companies but there were a few very interesting products being displayed as well:

    The War Machine-  Made by Cross Core, this pulley training system is designed for full body workouts by balancing your bodyweight while performing different movements while holding yourself up with the handles.

    Grapple Grips-  These rotating grips allow you to build strength in your grips by forcing constant contraction on your hands and forearms throughout the whole movement.

    BodiRocker-   Balanced training board that allows you to do pushups from multiple positions.  Great for core training and full chest & shoulder presses.

    G2 Stretch Trainer mat-  The G2 trainer mat provides a detailed Back Stretch Fitness Program that teaches how to strengthen back muscles and increase overall flexibility.

    To see some more info about the G2 Lifestyles Back Stretch program, click here and here.

    There was also a ton of fighters, body builders and athletes that made appearances throughout the day:

    Ronnie Coleman

    Urijah Faber

    Bruce Buffer

    Jake Shield & Hector Lombard

    Gegard Mousasi

    Cris Cyborg

    Jay Cutler

    Mike Guymon

    Amir Sadollah

    Thiago Silva

    And a whole bunch more... check out all the pictures below:

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