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  • Knock Out Dog Fighting Presentation at Juvenile Detention Center

    The Knock Out Dog Fighting (KODF) presentation at the Santa Clara County Juvenile Detention Center, featuring Kris and her Pit Bull Search & Rescue Dog Tahoe, Mr. Universe Doug Burns, UFC Fighter Anthony "Rumble" Johnson and Former Lightweight MMA World Champion Josh "The Punk" Thomson, was very well received by the crowd of close to 200 juveniles!  We've received several calls and emails from juveniles who attended the presentation, that have since been released, asking for information on getting the help they need to turn their lives around, become champions in life and to help us Knock Out Dog Fighting!

    On Tuesday April 5th, members of the Knock Out Dog Fighting crew gave a presentation for approximatley 150 juvenile detainees at the Santa Clara County Juvenile Detention Center. Kris Crawford with her Pit Bull Search & Rescue dog Tahoe, spoke to the youth about stereotypes and that a lot of the public view them, the detainees, with the same stereotype as the pit pull. That many people feel they are no good and not worth fighting for or worthy of receiving compassion. But what Kris was able to accomplish with her pit bulls, becoming one of the best search dog teams in the world, in spite of overwhelming obstacles, inspired many of the youth.

    Former Lightweight Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) World Champion Josh "The Punk" Thomson spoke next about choosing your own path. Josh had actually spent time as a juvenile in this very detention center but look what he was able to accomplish by turning his life around and doing the right things!

    Josh was followed by Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC) Fighter Anthony "Rumble" Johnson with his dog Ozone. Anthony, who owns 7 pit bulls, asked how many of the youth in the room had pit bulls and over half of the room raised their hand. Many even acknowledged having been at a dog fights. Anthony, who is idolized by many of the detainees, told the youth that there is nothing cool or tough about abusing animals or forcing them to fight. That cowards are people who fight dogs and abuse animals.

    Mr. Universe 2006 Doug Burns closed the presentation by talking to the youth about the obstacles he had to overcome to acheve his goals. From being beat up and bullied by girls growing up to being diagnosed with Type I Diabetes at the age of seven. It wasn't easy but with determination and drive he too was able to overcome overwhelming obstacles to become the best on the world.

    For more information on the organization and how to help the cause pleas view here.

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