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    CrossKick Bootcamp is a 4 week training course taught by Team BodyKore's Jenna Castillo. Jenna is a Level 2 CrossFit trainer teaching out of the CrossFit Unlimited in Los Gatos, CA. The upcoming bootcamp will infuse some of the CrossFit basic movements (squat, front squat, overhead squat, dead lift, shoulder press, push press and push jerk).
    It will have mini CrossFit workouts combined with some kickboxing technique and drills.

    CrossKick Bootcamp is for any fitness level. Some people will be new to all of the movements while others may be familiar with them. The exercises have different modifications so that anyone at any level can follow along and get an intense workout. CrossFit has been said to "get you the good stuff fast!". This in combination with Kickboxing will give a great variety of workout.

    The Bootcamp is an hour long session every Monday, Wednesday. Friday and will begin next Monday November 2nd.   You can attend the classes at:

    CrossFit Unlimited
    285 E. Main St.
    Los Gatos, CA 95030

    Or register online at: www.unlimitedkickboxing.com

    You can also email Jenna directly at: JENNA@CROSSFITUNLIMITED.COM

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