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    MASS-  Maximum Athletic Strike Suit.

    The MASS Suit was first introduced to the public at the IMMAE Show earlier this month.  The suit has become an instant hit amongst any athlete looking to improve their performance to anyone looking to work out more efficiently.

    The MASS suit is a unique patented design used by many professionals to provide resistance training to your entire body.  The MASS Suit increases the resistance to your shoulders, arms, back, core, hip flex, quads and hamstrings by attaching the MASS braces and straps to your body, elbows, hands, and feet.  This will create more speed, strength, power, stamina and fast twitch muscles.  The MASS Suit is the newest way to be the BEST.

    The unique design of the MASS Suit is ideal for what MMA, Kick Boxers, Muay Thai and Boxers need for more extreme training.  As your body adapts to your workouts and you need to pick up and push your conditioning, the MASS Suit will intensify your training by adding more resistance to your punches, elbows, kicks, knees and core.   Your punches, kicks, elbows, and knees will increase in speed, power and strength and your fighting stamina will improve tremendously.  You will become more of an extreme MMA fighter than you ever thought.

    Functions of the MASS Suit

    -The braces are connected to every major body part.

    -The bands are connected to these braces giving resistance to those moving body parts.

    -The different colors of the bands indicate the type of resistance.

    -The true and only one size fits all MASS Suit is made with neoprene and web cloth.

    -Provides a non sweat absorbing and allowing breathing for the back and core to make sure your body has proper oxygen intake for extreme training.

    -The bands that connect from the MASS Suit to the knees and ankles criss cross to provide angles that the body has to work against which provides more strength and balance.

    -It also gives you an unstable balance which then makes you really focus on the tightening of your core.

    -Concentrate on rebalancing your upper body, core, hips, groin, legs and feet.

    -Easy to travel with.

    For more details, call our sales department at: (800) 537-8049 x 887 or email us at sales@bodykore.com

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