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    Stroops® founded in 1996 has been a leader in developing some of the most innovative fitness, sports performance & rehabilitation products available in the industry today. The president and founder is one of the leading fitness product engineers in the world when it comes to athletic development helping design over 500 products not currently represented within the Stroops® line. With all of the products MADE IN AMERICA, Stroops® provide innovation and top of the line quality such as the patented Slastix® technology which is revolutionizing the fitness, rehabilitation and sport performance world.

    Stroops® MMA is the newest line of innovative products to be introduced. The new line of Stroops MMA products were introduced and debuted at the BodyKore booth during the UFC Fan Expo. They released such products as the: The Anaconda, Python Strike Suit and Double Gun (just to name a few) designed to help intensify your training and push you to the next level of competition. With the debut of the new MMA line, the product itself drew crowds as well as top MMA fighters to the already massive attendees.  You can purchase Stroops MMA Products Exclusively here www.BodyKore.com.  Check out some of the products below:


    THE ROPE THAT FIGHTS BACK! The Anaconda is the signature product of Stroops MMA. Build explosive upper and lower body strength with this beast! This 20 foot Snake stretches to 60 feet and gets up to 150 lbs of resistance. Resistance & difficulty increase the harder you pull. Have you seen my Anaconda?

    Python Strike Suit

    The Python Striker is our BEST SELLER FOR HAND AND FOOT SPEED! Complete with 4 SLASTIX bands and special foot/ankle cuffs & punch/wrist straps, this product is perfect for MMA and allows fighters to wear the product as they train!

    Double Gun

    Explode with lower & upper body power. The Double Gun builds maximum force and range of motion created by the upper & lower body.

    Check out the full line of Stroops MMA Product here.

    Here are some videos of the Stroops® MMA products in use:

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