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    Anyone that is in martial arts or some type of training has definitely heard of the name Bruce Lee.  Dan Inosanto is one of only three students ever to teach Bruce Lee's martial arts system and is the only person given instructorship by Bruce Lee of the third level. Inosanto has studied many different forms of martial arts all across the world and holds numerous black belts in their respective art. Inosanto has been featured in many movies and print publications such as Black Belt Magazine etc.  Inosanto has also trained and taught many well known practitioners of martial arts ranging from celebrities like Denzel Washington, Bruce Lee's late son, Brandon Lee, and even well known fighters and trainers such as Erik Paulson, the Machado brothers etc.

    BodyKore was invited to check out Inosanto Academy of Martial Arts located in Marina del Rey.   Walking inside the martial arts studio there are photos everywhere along the wall of Inosanto with many familiar faces ranging from Bruce Lee, Frank Shamrock, Steven Seagal, Kobe Bryant, Anderson Silva...the list goes on!  One can not help but also feel the vibe of Bruce Lee within the Academy.  There is so much history within each picture along the wall that we were sure all have special stories for Inosanto.  The studio itself offers a few different training disciplines ranging from jiu-jitsu, shoot wrestling, muay thai, silat etc.  It is one of the premiere martial arts training centers that offers a full range of various styles.

    Guro Dan Inosanto

    Check out more pictures of the academy below:

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