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  • Indo Board Workshop 7/23/11 Santa Cruz, CA

    Our friends at Indo Board is offering a workshop in Santa Cruz, California on July 23rd, 2011.  The workshop will be instructed by Master Trainer, Rocky Snyder to offer continuing education for the Indo Board. Snyder is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and is also a club coach with USA weightlifting.  Synder has over ten years of Indo Board experience with both professional athletes and clients of all backgrounds and fitness levels.

    Course Objectives
    • Introduce the basic principles, applications and benefits of functional balance training.
    • Explain the concept of using functional balance training to improve neuromuscular response, proprioception, postural awareness and kinetic chain function for all clients from youth through seniors and non-athletes through competitive athletes.
    • Teach the proper methods of client assessment as it pertains to balance, proprioception, core stability and posture using Indo Board Balance Trainers.
    • Introduce Indo Board products and explain differences and variety of uses of each product as well as the differences between Indo Board products and other popular balance training products on the market.
    • Demonstrate the safest and most effective methods of using Indo Board products.
    • Introduce instability resistance training and demonstrate how these integrated exercises benefit clients.
    • Discuss and demonstrate scalability and progression of Indo Board exercises using each Indo Board product.
    • Discuss and demonstrate movements and exercises developed for:
    • Improving balance
    • Proprioceptive conditioning or retraining
    • Kinetic chain assessment
    • Conditioning and strengthening of  specific muscle groups and joint structures
    • Conditioning and improving core strength
    • Injury prevention
    • Introduce a fun, innovative, safe and effective way for personal trainers to improve the quality of life of all clients through balance training.

    For information on the Indo Board class pleas view here.

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