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  • Human Trainer Suspension Training System

    Are you sick of awkward weight machines, bulky dumbbells, and expensive gym memberships that just don't seem to fit into your house or your busy lifestyle?
    THE HUMAN TRAINER is portable, sets up in seconds and gives you a full-body, resistance and cardiovascular workout. Using your own body weight. THE HUMAN TRAINER lets you achieve exactly the resistance you want simply by shifting the angle. Whether you are a beginner or an elite athlete, the HUMAN TRAINER adjusts to YOU.
    The Human Trainer is a portable, fun to use, versatile and highly effective fitness training system. The Human Trainer harnesses your own bodyweight to provide resistance and gives you virtually unlimited fitness options that train your entire body. By simply adjusting your angle or changing your grip, you can target any muscle group you want to train without having to stop your workout. As a fully portable exercise unit, The Human Trainer also gives you the ability to set up and workout anywhere within minutes. The Human Trainer engages your core on every exercise, increases your flexibility and gives you an unbeatable muscular and cardiovascular workout!
    For the first time ever, give your body the experience of dynamic suspended, bodyweight training with THE HUMAN TRAINER. Using simple yet highly effective training principles, Astone has devised a way to train that is versatile, effective, portable and fun. Most importantly, The Human Trainer responds to your body, putting YOU in control of YOUR workout.
    - By suspending and shifting your bodyweight against gravity, you create a dynamic resistance that allows you to completely target every muscle in the human body.
    - Traditional weight lifting relies on an external stabilizing force. THE HUMAN TRAINER, on the other hand, forces you to use your own stabilizer muscles. This means your body works to balance itself. This translates into a leaner, more athletic, more muscular physique and a stronger core -- because your entire body is being engaged.
    - Adjust the level of difficulty quickly and easily by simply shifting your body position. The steeper the angle -- or in other words -- the more horizontal your body is, the more weight you are lifting.

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