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  • Hardcore Training with Team BodyKore’s Jenna Castillo- Lesson 2: Stability Ball Training

    Stability Ball training is great for balance, muscle coordination and to strengthen your core.  Exercises done on a stability ball forces you to tighten your core throughout the full movement and really concentrate on the target areas being worked.  Team BodyKore's Jenna Castillo demonstrates a few exercises you can do at home with a stability ball.  Jenna is a level 2 certified Cross Fit trainer and teaches out of Crossfit Unlimited in Milpitas.  You can read more about Jenna here.

    Exercise 1

    Stability Ball Pike- The stability ball pike is a full body exercise that really focuses on your abs, shoulders and lower back.

    1.  To begin the exercise, position both knees onto the ball and place your hands on the ground shoulder width apart.   Make sure you're perfectly squared (meaning one hand isn't further than the other and the same goes for your legs)

    2.  Push your legs outward and raise your butt all the way up.  (Your back should be almost straight and you should be in a 45 degree angle).  You will need to really concentrate on tightening your core to get to this position.

    To intensify this exercise, push the ball further back where you're standing on it with only your toes.

    Exercise 2

    Stability Ball Pushup- This exercise focuses on the lower chest, obliques, tri-ceps and core.

    1.  To begin this exercise, balance your legs onto the stability ball and place your arms on the ground in a pushup position.

    2.  Keep your back straight and lower your body  until your chest almost touches the ground.  Push back up to the starting position.  To intensify this exercise, keep only your toes on the ball.  You can also lift one leg up and balance yourself on the other leg.

    Exercise 3

    Stability Ball Crunches- This exercise targets the abs and core.

    1. To begin this exercise place your arms shoulder width apart and your shins on the stability ball.

    2.  Pull your knees toward your chest and squeeze your abs together.

    You can also turn your knees sideways to target the side abs

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