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  • Crossfit Equipment – Kettlebell Product Review

    Kettlebells are becoming a more and more popular type of training equipment.  They're relatively inexpensive and can give you a full body strength and conditioning exercise.  When done properly, Kettlebell training has proven to be more effective than a standard military regimen of pullups, sprints and long distance run.  Kettlebell training is currently being incorporated into all types of training regiments especially amongst strength and conditioning coaches for athletes.   You can improve your grip (grappling), explosiveness (striking), flexibility (both) and just overall cardiovascular training.

    The Kettlebell is a very sturdy product made of a cast iron ball, heavy duty steel handle and painted with a gray matte finish.  The kettlebell also comes with rubber setting which is good if you don't want to damage your floor.  The product comes in 11 different weights and sizes: 9 lbs, 18 lbs, 26 lbs, 35 lbs, 44 lbs, 53 lbs, 62 lbs, 70 lbs, 79 lbs, 88 lbs, and 97 lbs for the super heavy weights.  For this particular review, we will be focusing on the 35lbs kettlebell.

    There's two major things you should look for when you're purchasing a kettlebell: handle and balance.  The handle is a very important part of the kettlebell because it's going to experience a lot of movement during your exercise.  The circumference has to fit your hand well so you can have a solid grip.  The circumference on the Gympak Kettlebells grip is roughly 4 1/2".  This is a nice thick grip that I can hold onto tightly but not too thick where I can't secure properly.  The Kettlebell's handle is also a nice width.  This particular model's handle is roughly about 9" wide.   A wide grip is good because you can do two handed exercises as well as  gripping the outside edges to target particular muscles.  I was able to do front deltoid raises by gripping the corner of the handle so it was able to hit the front deltoid nicely.  The handle on the kettlebell is also high enough that you can swing the kettlebell through without injuring your hand.  Some kettlebells have sharp corners and very narrow grips that limit your exercises so the Kettlebell definitely is more useful than those types.

    The second thing you should definitely look out for is the weight distribution on the kettlebell.   This is going to be a little bit harder to tell but you'll need to swing a few times to get a feel for it.   The kettlebell has a very nice flow movement especially on the snatch exercise.   The reason the distribution of weight (or balance) is so important with kettlebells is because the majority of exercises are done through a swinging motion.  You need a constant flowing motion in the majority of these exercises and if the kettlebell is not properly balanced, you run the risk of injuring yourself much more often.

    The Kettlebell is definitely one of the better kettlebells I've ever used and at a price of approximately $1.40/lbs it's also one of the best priced ones out there.  The rubber setting is also a plus because I train indoors and my wife wouldn't appreciate me putting holes in the travetine floors.   To purchase these kettlebells, you can visit our store here.


    Another product that we sell for home training is rubber floorings.  You can purchase these in a roll for a large areas or interlocking pieces 24"x24" to fit throughout the room.  This is a great product that can be used for protecting your traventine floors as well as protecting your butt from a kicking by the wifey.  Click here to purchase.

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