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  • Gympak Chest Toner – Single Spring/Double Spring

    Looking to add some muscle to your chest and arms?  With the start of the new year what better way to look bigger than by starting with the upper body and arms.  The Gympak Chest Toner comes in two different sizes: Single Spring- 20lb resistance and the Double Spring- 60lb resistance. The product's described as a "Chest Toner" but in reality it tones much more.  The heavy resistance helps you develop upper body and back strength while toning your abs and core all the way through to your glutes. The full exercise motion will also develop strength in your hands, arms, chest, shoulders and upper back.

    The Gympak Level 1 Chest Toner is 65cm long and the Gympak Level 3 Chest Toner is 75cm longer. The toner has a heavy duty spring, steel connecting rod and thick plastic handles. The level 1 chest toner is approximately 4" in diameter and the level 3 is about 6". The level 3 chest toner has a double spring located inside the main spring. This intensifies the resistance.

    To begin the exercise, you want both of your arms extended with the toner positioned parallel to the ground. The start of the movement should come from your shoulders (particularly your front deltoids and traps). Once the bar is slightly bent, tighten your core and squeeze the ends together. You should feel your triceps working through to your forearms, wrists and into your chest and core. When the handles are about to touch, squeeze your back together and you will feel your inner lats working as well.

    When doing the exercise, you want to make sure that your back is straight and that you're not arching it to cheat. The movement should be smooth and flow. A lot of times I've noticed users extend one arm and pull the bar together instead of squeezing. That is not the proper way to do the exercise and can result in injury.

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