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    Performance Gaines enlisted the expertise of BodyKore to outfit their gym.  This is not just any other gym but one made only for professional athletes ranging from NFL Players, NBA, Olympians etc.  Travelle Gaines is one of the top trainers for athletes in the nation and has quite a lengthy resume.  Gaines wanted to build a gym with hardcore training products as the core of his clients are NFL / NBA Players.  Having trained the likes of Brandon Roy, Reggie Bush, Ryan Matthews, the list of top notch athletes is ever growing.  The gym itself houses many fitness products perfect for athletes such as plyometric training, bag/mitt exercises, strength and power lifting , top of the line cardio equipment and so forth.  Performance Gaines has all the tools under one roof to take the athletes who train here to the next level in their respective sports.









    A few shots of the gym in construction.









    Equipment such as spin bikes, plyoboxes, rubber bumper plates, olympic bars and weights waiting to enter the gym.


















    A few pictures of the gym slowly coming together.  Squat racks / cages, bumper plate racks, bars and medicine ball equipment are now making its way into the gym!


















    GHD Machines, Core training equipment installed and ready for action!









    Rows of Squat Rack Cages ready for some top Athletes to tear up!









    Boxing and training mat area.









    Finishing photos of the gym, complete with racks, kettlebells, weights etc.



























    As you can see, no detail was overlooked in the Performance Ganies Fitness Facility.  The gym itself went into its complete transformation in just under a week from installing flooring, painting walls, installing all the gym equipment stereo set up and more.  BodyKore went the extra step to meet our clients needs and expectations and we are certain that our products will not only exceed the expectations of its clients but with Mr. Gaines himself.  Performance Gaines will definitely be one of the TOP athlete training centers not only in California but in the entire nation.  The gym has already attracted celebrities and professtional athletes the first day and continues to grow.  We want to wish Performance Gaines much success and thank them for the opportunity to outfit the gym!   Please enjoy the rest of the photos from the gallery.




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