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    EVOMAA has enlisted BodyKore as their equipment vendor to outfit their gym.  Begin. Progress. Evolve.












    Brandon Florian and Jason Lau have known and studied martial arts with each other for over 10 years. Their knowledge of martial arts is always growing and evolving while their love for it is eternal.  In 2010, they formed Evolution Martial Arts Academy, to give others the same life-changing experience they received in their training. The Academy is dedicated to helping students attain personal growth and evolution in martial arts, which in turn, will positively impact all other aspects of their lives. Welcome to the Evolution.









    Evolution Martial Arts Academy is an 8,000 square foot facility located in Chatsworth, California. Half of the academy has an open 40' by 40' martial arts mat for Hapkido and Kickboxing while the other half is dedicated to CrossFit.








    The quality of the martial arts mats is second to none. They are 1.5" thick  mats with a smooth surface perfect for throws, kicks, forms, and grappling. The large mat is perfect for one or two concurrent sessions.








    The CrossFit side is equipped with enough gear that you would never have to visit your local gym again. Equipment ranges from barbells, bumper plates, kettle-bells, rigs, dumbbells, plyo boxes, medicine balls, ropes, and tires just to name a few items. These will get you training and in shape in no time.








    The equipment and the amount of space in the academy are important, but more importantly, it is the atmosphere and the community of people that fill this academy. The instructors, coaches, and staff at Evolution aim to give our students and clients the best experience possible. Our CrossFit and Martial Arts community all support each other like a family, pushing each other to achieving common goals.









    For more information on the Gym and Grand Opening this weekend please visit them at EVOMAA.Net We hope to see you there!

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