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  • Featured Video: UFC Fighter Mark Munoz Extreme MMA Conditioning

    UFC Fighter Mark "The Filipino Wrecking Machine" Munoz simulates a MMA round in this video of him conditioning at the Reign Training Center in Lake Forest, CA.  His strength coach puts him through a round of battle rope slams, ground and pound on a heavy bag and then full on striking onto a BOB Punching Dummy.   This is the 5th and final round of his "championship bout" demonstration where he's already finished 4 previous 3 minute rounds of non-stop conditioning.


    You can find Battle Ropes, Heavy Bags and BOB Punching Dummy at: www.bodykorestore.com
    You can find out more info about Mark Munoz on his website: http://www.markmunozmma.com/
    Check out Reign Training Center here


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