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  • Elevation Training Conditioning Mask

    BodyKore is proud to be a distributor of the Elevation Training Mask.  The training mask simulates high altitude training which was developed by Sean Sherk mainly through his pursuit for better cardio for his fights.  Sean was the UFC Lightweight Champion, so his pedigree speaks for itself.  In his last fight against Evan Dunham he found himself caught  in some deep guillotine chokes which he got out of every time with ease.  Many people were very  impressed with his dexterity under pressure as well as how long he was able to stay in the choke then get  himself out.  A lot of the reason was because of the training he did with the training mask.

    The training mask simulates altitude by depleting the oxygen intake and forces your body to acclimatize to work

    harder with less oxygen in your blood system.  It also increases your lung capacity and diaphragm strength. There are 3 different caps that you screw on which regulate the air. Once you take the mask off and train under normal fighting conditions, you feel energized and have way more output and stamina and have the ability to work through chokes and duress into the later rounds.  This item has lots of other guys using the mask and will have testimonials from guys like Wandalai Silva, Forrest Griffin, Urijah Faber, Melvin Guillard  and many more.  All these guys are using it and endorsing it with out any monetary compensation.

    Following are the changes that significantly boost Athletic Performance when using Elevation Training Mask.

    • · Increases in Lung capacity as your lungs have to work 9 times harder to get the oxygen in
    • · Increases anaerobic Thresholds
    • · Gas exchange becomes more efficient
    • · Energy Production levels rise
    • · Mental and Physical stamina increase
    • · Mental Focus gets better

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