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  • Crossfit Gym Equipment Start Up Build

    Crossfit Equipment is one of the leading fitness equipment out there on the rise!  For fitness enthusiasts looking for  a crossfit build and equipment for their warehouse, gym or garage look no further.

    We offer FULL gym solutions for your dream gym ranging from but not limited to Squat Racks, Rubber Bumper Plates, Wall Balls, Olympic Bars, Plyoboxes, Rigs & Cages, Kettlebells and rubber dumbbells.  BodyKore offers a wide variety of crossfit builds.

    Services Offered

    Consultation- Our trained staff can help design your fitness facility or gym.
    Commercial Financing/Leasing Programs- We have manufacture lease programs for customers that want to start up a gym but do not have the financing in place or customers looking to conserve their capital.
    Custom Fabrication- Our in-house fabricators can produce custom products for you or your business.

    To start getting in shape with our products please email us at sales@bodykore.com or call us at (213) 465-3197.  We are looking forward to helping you achieve your goals!   Inquire about full package special deals!


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