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  • Crossfit Games Southwest Regionals Event Recap and Results

    The CrossFit Games Southwest Regional Qualifiers took place this past weekend at the UCI Crawford Field in Irvine, CA.  Dozens of competitors showed up to compete in the final qualifications before the 2010 CrossFit Games Competition which will be held on July 16th-18th in Carson, CA.

    The 2010 Games will have five main competitions: Men's Individual, Women's Individual, Affiliate Cup Teams,Men's Masters and Women's Masters (over 50). The winners of the individual competitions will each receive$25,000 cash, sponsored by PROGENEX. There will also be many cash and material prizes for the other winners and top performers.

    The 2010 Games are limited to 50 men and 50 women, all of whom need to qualify to enter. The top five men and women from the 2009 Games are automatically qualified. All past champions are automatically qualified if they wish to compete. The other 43-45 competitors have to qualify in their Regional Qualifier. There are 13 Regionals around the world, and each Regional will send the top 1 - 7 athletes (men and women) to the Games, depending on the size of the Regional.

    Here is a list of all the top 3 winners of each event.  Congratulations to all the competitors, we can't want for the Carson event this July!

    Men's Tire Flip/Log Carry relay

    9013Pelletier, Seth05:5511
    7005Lewis, Myles06:0122
    7001Kinnick, Jeremy06:0633

    Women's Tire Flip/Log Carry relay

    4008Nutt, Paige04:5711
    3007Miller, Lacie05:0722
    1012Voigt, Rebecca05:1033

    Men's Muscle-Up/Clean/Run

    7004Millar, David10:0811
    8005Egyed, Peter10:1722
    6004Daya, Thomas10:2433

    Women's Muscle-Up/Clean/Run

    1010MacKenzie Voboril, Valerie08:3811
    4008Nutt, Paige09:2122
    4010Umeda, Elyse09:2122

    Men's Overhead/Burpees

    6001Knight, Craig02:4211
    8011Baron, Gary02:5522
    7012Walberg, Brett02:5833

    Women's Overhead/Burpees

    4010Umeda, Elyse03:1311
    1012Voigt, Rebecca03:2022
    1010MacKenzie Voboril, Valerie03:3133

    Men's Row/OHS/Run

    6011Maddox, Neal10:3211
    8005Egyed, Peter10:3822
    7004Millar, David11:0533

    Women's Row/OHS/Run

    1012Voigt, Rebecca11:3111
    2004Vrieze, Ashley12:0922
    3012DeBoer, Teshina12:2533

    Men's Southwest Regional Overall Results

    Egyed, Peter1 (15)
    Maddox, Neal2 (21)
    Subry, Gabe3 (33)

    Women's Southwest Regional Overall Results

    Voigt, Rebecca1 (13)
    MacKenzie Voboril, Valerie2 (14)
    Umeda, Elyse3 (23)

    Check out some videos from the event:

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