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  • CrossFit Games Finals Takes Place This Weekend

    The Crossfit Game’s Finals Competition kicks off this weekend at the Home Depot Center in Carson, CA from July 16-18.   See the details of the event below:

    2010 CrossFit Games: Finals Information Center

    Tentative Events Schedule

    While these times are approximate and rough, we will be releasing more detailed and accurate schedules as we get closer. Once the weekend is upon us, there will be a live, updated heat schedule with times in its own section on the website.

    Thursday, July 15th

    12pm-8pm — All Athletes (including teams) Check-in
    Volunteers may check-in between 9am and 8pm

    Friday, July 16th

    10am — Affiliate Cup competition commences
    12pm — Masters competition commences
    6:30pm — Opening Ceremonies
    7pm — Individual competition commences
    9pm — Clubhouse party commences (tickets required)

    Saturday, July 17th

    8am-7pm — Competitions
    7pm — Tent City Party (open)

    Sunday, July 18th

    8am-5pm — Competitions and Award Ceremonies

    General Information

    It's not too late to purchase your Games tickets. All online sales are handled by Ticketmaster.

    Friday night party. Tickets are available for purchase to the 2010 CrossFit Games Opening Party. Join us for dinner and drinks on the night of the Opening Ceremonies...read more.

    Guidelines for Tent City: There will be food vendors, a beer truck bar, and lots of space for Easy-Ups. We'll be showing the Games on four 55" Plasmas. For guidelines on enjoying your time in tent city...read more.

    Information About the Free Live Webcast: If you can't be there in person, all is not lost: the Games will be streamed to the web in real time via our free live webcast. Join us for a 30min live Preview Show at 6pm PDT on Thursday, July 15. Full coverage will commence on Friday, July 16 around 8:45am. We're just putting the finishing touches on the new player. In a couple days, we'll give you the links to the player and the updated viewing schedule. It's going to be epic...read more.

    Volunteer Info: There are no longer any volunteer opportunities for this event.

    Parking and Directions
    Freeways Directions
    Parking Information
    Public Transportation

    Frequently Asked Questions.

    Where Can I Find Some General Attractions And What to Do?
    The venue will be stacked with vendors, activities and entertainment throughout the weekend. Here is a guide to some of the other activities you will not want to miss...read more.

    Where Can I Find More Information on the Affiliate Competition?
    Additional details on the 2010 team competition. Here is what we can tell you about the Affiliate Cup competition at the 2010 Games...read more.

    Where Can I find More Information on the Schedule For the Weekend?
    The details of this are likely to shift a bit here and there, so please check back in as we get closer. But, the general order is solid...read more. And even more Here.

    Where Can I Find More Information on the 2010 Sectional and Regional Events?
    Here is a comprehensive list of every workout that took place in the 2010 Games season, including workouts from the previous three Games...read more.

    Where Can I Find More Information on the Athletes Competing in the 2010 CrossFit Games?
    The long Qualifier season is over and we finally have the official list of athletes and teams who are invited to compete at the 2010 CrossFit Games on July 16-18 at the Home Depot Center in Carson, California...read more. Competition information, athlete stats and side by side analysis can be found here.

    Where Can I Find More Information on Places to Stay?
    Attached is a list of recommended hotels near the Home Depot Center, see below and...read more.

    Contact Information

    For issues or technical problems directly related to registration (individual or team), emailcrossfitgames2010@regsvc.com

    For general questions or oversight issues relating to the CrossFit Games, email Games@CrossFit.com

    For general questions about CrossFit, email customerservice@crossfit.com

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