Complete Gym Solutions

Complete Gym Solutions

Let BodyKore help design and furnish your fitness studio, training center or home gym.  Our team of architects and engineers can help you build a floorplan and provide you with all the equipment you need to completely furnish your facility from the ground up.  We can build anything from custom fixtures and furnitures to bag racks and training equipment.  We work with many financial institutions that comply with your budget, be it with new equipment or refurbished products that carry warranty.  This allows you to acquire a fitness training center that you could only fathon about.  Owning your own gym has never been so affordable and easy.

Fitness Health Clubs

MMA Gyms

Garage Gyms

Apartment/Hotel Gyms

Custom Equipment Manufacturing

Our team of engineers can help you design custom equipment and products for your very needs.  We have an in-house team of welders and fabricators that can have the projects completed within days if needed.

In House Fabrication

Jungle Gym Rack

Power Racks

Cable Machines

Services Offered

Consultation- Our trained staff can help design your fitness facility or gym.
Commercial Financing/Leasing Programs- We have manufacture lease programs for customers that want to start up a gym but do not have the financing in place or customers looking to conserve their capital.
Custom Fabrication- Our in-house fabricators can produce custom products for you or your business.

Please contact us for inquiries and more information.

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