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  • Coach Jim Massaro’s Ultimate MMA Performance Camp-08/20/11-ONLY 1 WEEK AWAY!


    Master trainer and Strength & Conditioning coach Jim Massaro will be holding a Ultimate MMA Performance Camp on August 20th at All in MMA.

    The Ultimate Sports Performance Camp for MMA Training

    Course Details

    Strength Training: Introduction to Olympic Lifts with a focus on form, postural alignment, hip drive, and how it relates to MMA training.

    Hang Cleans (standing & kneeling)

    Power Cleans

    Cleans to Press

    Split Jerk

    Push Press & Push Jerk

    Squat (front, traditional, box, jump squat)

    Hamstring (natural glute/ham, glute/ham holds to drop, hamstring kick-through)

    Indian Clubs: Demonstrate club swinging techniques to improve shoulder stabilization and flexibility.

    Hip Mobility Drills

    Hurdle Drills

    Bear Crawls

    Spider Crawls

    Speed & Explosion Drills

    Rubber Band Drills

    Forward Runs

    Backward Runs

    Lateral Runs

    Crab Runs

    Sparing Runs

    Attack Runs

    Q & As

    This is a hands-on clinic, and all participants will be asked to perform each drill to ensure that they have proper technique and form, and a basic knowledge of all the drills so that they can incorporate them into their training.

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