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  • Christophe Saunders training for his May 13th Title Fight

    We caught up with Team BodyKore's Christophe Saunders while he trained with Master Cha at All in MMA for his upcoming title fight.  Christophe will be taking on Todd Willingham at the Battle in the Ballroom NAIOP Fight Night 2010 next Thursday, May 13th in Irvine, CA.  They will be competing for first ever Battle in the Ballroom's Lightweight Title.

    This is Christophe's first workout of the day and he went through a full two hour session with minimal rests no longer than 30 seconds at a time. Christophe will be heading over to train his jiujitsu shortly after and then back again at All in MMA for an evening session of sparring. Saunders is no stranger to hard work and dedication and it's proving to pay off. Check out some of the training videos below:

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