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    Fitness Model/Ring Girl Elissa Alva joins Team BodyKore

    We welcome the ever so lovely Miss Elissa Alva as the newest member of Team Bodykore.  Elissa Alva is a fitness/import model, Official Ring Girl and workout fanatic!  The 21 year old Mexican/Chinese beauty has only been modeling slightly over a year but she's quickly blowing up in the industry.  Her resume already includes: Wek`Fest,…
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    BodyKore welcomes Katrize Metcalf to the Team

    [caption id="attachment_2852" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Team BK's Katrize Metcalf"][/caption] BodyKore welcomes the beautiful Katrize Metcalf to the team.  Katrize is a fitness/bikini model and Muay Thai fighter. Katrize Morales currently resides in Sacramento and trains at the Muay Thai Lao gym. She is currently on track to fight on an amateur card in March, 2010. In…
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    BodyKore welcomes Jenna Castillo to the Team

    We are proud to welcome world champion kickboxer, elite instructor and cross-fit trainer Jenna Castillo to Team BodyKore. Jenna is a proud Mexican-American who was born on Cinco de Mayo.  She began studying traditional Shotokan Karate at the age of nine, earning her black belt through the Japanese Karate Association.  While still in high school,…
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    Team BodyKore welcomes Coach Jim Massaro

    COACH JIM MASSARO is a sports conditioning specialist who educates and trains on both local and national levels. He is the founder and owner of Advanced Body Personal & Athletic Training Center, in Nyack, NY. He is also the assistant football coach for the football team at Nyack High School, NY, as well as both…
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