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    Linx Racks- Modular Functional Training Storage Rack

      Linx rack appeals to a wide range of performance possibilities in a safe and space efficient manner. Linx Rack was design for cross training, group fitness, and individual training. Linx Racks create an open environment perfect for class interaction. Its aesthetic appeal along and modern design create an inviting environment for its users. Linx…
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    Ultimate Stretch Rack Tutorial

    [caption id="attachment_21255" align="alignnone" width="333"] Ultimate Stretch Rack[/caption] BodyKore's Ultimate Stretch Rack is the perfect rack for optimal stretching and body weight training.  The Ultimate Stretch Rack is designed from the attributes of a traditional stall bar that gymnasts used for over 100 years in all areas of the world.  Gymnasts use stall bars for simple…
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    Power Band Stretch and Exercise Tutorial

    BodyKore power bands will help you increase your flexibility by assisting with your stretching. Create a more powerful, deeper stretch with the use of our resistance bands then you could without them. Use the bands to assist the limb you’re stretching into position. You’ll be able to stretch your arms and legs a little more…
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    Ultimate Stretch TPR Band Tutorial

    [caption id="attachment_20672" align="alignnone" width="500"] Ultimate Stretch Kit[/caption] Physical therapy is the treatment of injury, or deformity by physical methods such as massage, heat treatment, and exercise rather than by drugs or surgery. Therapy strives to reduce pain, increase flexibility, range of motion, and function, build strength, and correct posture. One great way of achieving success…
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    Crossfit Equipment – Kettlebell Product Review

    Kettlebells are becoming a more and more popular type of training equipment. They're relatively inexpensive and can give you a full body strength and conditioning exercise. When done properly, Kettlebell training has proven to be more effective than a standard military regimen of pullups, sprints and long distance run. Kettlebell training is currently being incorporated into all types of training regiments especially amongst strength and conditioning coaches for athletes. You can improve your grip (grappling), explosiveness (striking), flexibility (both) and just overall cardiovascular training.
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