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Bodykore’s Isolation Series GR632 Voted Top Hip Abduction Machine on Wiki!

BodyKore’s Isolation Series GR632 has recently been voted Top Hip Abduction machine on Wiki!  You can see the post here. 1. Bodykore Isolation Series GR632 The various steel components of the Bodykore Isolation Series GR632 are laser cut to help ensure that they fit together well when it comes time for you to assemble them. That also adds a degree of structural integrity to it as a whole. Five starting point settings Backrest has three positions Impressive 10-year warranty Brand Bodykore Model GR632 Weight 666 pounds Rating 4.6 / 5.0 MORE PICTURES SEE PRICE ON [...]


BodyKore’s N-DESTRUCTIBLE Crumb Bumper Plates

  Made of recycled material, crumb rubber weights are one of the toughest training weights available! In the combination of strength and price, crumb rubber has no equal competitors. We offer many sets to choose from! Why Recycled Crumb Rubber? Less impact to the floor than steel plates Quieter than steel plates Less Odor than regular bumper plates More durable than regular bumper plates Recycled material Proven durability – drop tested to withstand 30,000 drops Fits Olympic Bar (2″ sleeve) Warranty: 1 Year *It is not recommended to drop the [...]


The Posturenomic Board

Posturenomic Board: What Is It? The Posturenomic Board is a portable stretching device that you can fold up and bring anywhere. The Posturenomic Board uses a flat, adjustable stretching platform that can be stationed at different angles. This creates a perfect stretch with a smooth transition into the next movement. The Posturenomic Board is used to improve posture by allowing its users to stretch multiple muscles and enhance mobility. Routine stretching using the Posturenomic Board creates a stronger back, core, [...]


Dynamic Trainer

  Introducing BodyKore’s Dynamic Trainer.  The Dynamic Trainer is a complete stretching, body weight and functional training exercise system.  Inspired by a traditional stall bar, the Dynamic Trainer adds an 8 point adjustable pulley system, 12 horizontal stretch bars, and an extended pull up/suspension training bar. The rack is built with a solid commercial grade 3″x3″ frame, 3mm thick bars and finished with a beautiful glossy silver finish and black powder coated bars. The Dynamic Trainer is the perfect system for your gym, [...]


BodyKore’s New Functional Training Line

We are proud to introduce our new functional training line of products. At BodyKore, we believe functional training is the key to a healthier body. We are advocates of training functional exercises.  Whether it’s balance, stability, mobility, speed/agility, power or just overall functionality, functional training is the key to a optimal body. So with that, we’ve created our own line of functional training products: Kettlebells Our premium line of kettlebells are made with a single piece cast and finished with premium powder coat [...]


BodyKore Relaunched

Welcome to the new BodyKore! Since 2005 BodyKore has been a major distributor for a number of fitness brands around the world. In 2016 BodyKore went through an ownership restructuring and focused our goals on innovation, community building, and education. Our new line of innovative fitness products focuses on functionality, mobility, recovery and athletic performance. BodyKore takes pride in its growing community. As fitness innovators we prioritize our users and want to connect with you as much as possible. The [...]


Linx Racks: Modular Storage Rack/Functional Training Stations

Linx Racks: Modular Storage Rack Stations Linx Racks is the perfect solution for saving space and creating efficiency.  Turn your home, fitness studio or fitness center into a multi functional area with this modular system.  Each station can be customized to store various equipment and you can configure it to fit into almost any kind of room.  There are customization options such as: Pull up bars for body weight and suspension training Hanging hooks for punching bag or suspension systems Bridge configuration that [...]


BodyKore Plywood Plyometric Boxes

BodyKore Plyometric Boxes Our Wood Plyometric Boxes are made from 3/4″ Furniture Grade Plywood with Veneer laminate.  The boxes are reinforced with support frame inside the box to hold up to 350lbs in weight. The pre-drilled holes and interlocking joints make this plyo-box easy to assemble and extremely durable. Perfect for all sorts of plyometric box exercises, whether you’re doing box jumps, step ups, box squats, or negative jumps, it’ll do the job. 3-in-1 Plyobox The Large Plyoboxes (20″x24″x30″) for sale at $129.99 Medium [...]


Black House Gym MMA / Tough Media Inc.

Black House Gym (Casa Preta) is a mixed martial arts fighting team and gym based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Opened about three years ago the gym houses some of the best fighters in the world. Some of the known fighters that currently train at both the Brazil location and California location are UFC Middleweight Champion, Anderson Silva, UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Lyoto Machida, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, Junior Dos Santos, Paulo Filho, and other well respected fighters.The gym is [...]


BodyKore Presents: Freddy George’s Ultra Fit Circuit

BodyKore asked elite Fitness and MMA trainer Freddy George to help us create a workout with some of the products that we carried and here’s what he came up with: The Ultra Fit Circuit also known as the Gym in the Bag.  The circuit was set up at three 5 minute rounds to simulate an MMA Fight.  The exercises go from linear to functional training and then to anaerobic and back to aerobic exercises.  The interval time of each [...]



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