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    The Posturenomic Board

    Posturenomic Board: What Is It? The Posturenomic Board is a portable stretching device that you can fold up and bring anywhere. The Posturenomic Board uses a flat, adjustable stretching platform that can be stationed at different angles. This creates a perfect stretch with a smooth transition into the next movement. The Posturenomic Board is used…
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    Phytodom Wellness- Premium Recovery Supplements

    We are proud to introduce our new line of premium recovery supplements formulated by Yale Nutraceuticals.  The line Phytodom Wellness  originates from the study of plants and our scientists and researchers have been studying the medicinal and therapeutic benefits of plants for the past 5  decades.  These proprietary blends have been internationally prescribed by  doctors and health care…
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    BodyKore’s New Functional Training Line

      We are proud to introduce our new functional training line of products. At BodyKore, we believe functional training is the key to a healthier body. We are advocates of training functional exercises.  Whether it's balance, stability, mobility, speed/agility, power or just overall functionality, functional training is the key to a optimal body. So with that,…
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