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    Gym Feature – Ocean Fitness

    We would like to feature another satisfied BodyKore customer of ours and awesome gym for beach goers looking for a place to call home only steps away from paradise!  - Ocean Fitness Ocean Fitness is a one-on-one personal training studio in Manhattan Beach. •Features an intimate studio is located only 2 blocks from the beach.…
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    Gym Feature – Evolution Martial Arts Academy (EVOMAA)

                  EVOMAA has enlisted BodyKore as their equipment vendor to outfit their gym.  Begin. Progress. Evolve.                       Brandon Florian and Jason Lau have known and studied martial arts with each other for over 10 years. Their knowledge of martial…
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    LIFT Lifetime Innovative Fitness Training- Covina, CA

    LIFT is a personal Training Studio that offers Personalized workouts for Personalized Goals. About Lift You won't find a treadmill at any LIFT Studio. At LIFT we believe that fitness should go back to the basics with raw organic workouts. Our clients workout with ropes, rings, tires, sleds, uppercut punching bags and more. Learn the…
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