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  • Cara Heads- Olympic Weight Lifter

    CH Fitness & Performance is a full-fledged personal training and competitive athletic training company started by US Olympian Cara Heads.
    CH Fitness & Performance takes a personal and passionate interest in tailoring programs to meet each client's specific goals.  From specialty dieting plans to traveling options, every program is designed to get you results! CH Fitness uses positive motivation techniques to optimize each workout, leaving you revitalized after your session.
    Cara Heads has herself enjoyed a successful, 18-year career as an Olympic-Style Weightlifter. While traveling the world, she earned 8 National Championship Titles, 2 American Records, 5 World Team Qualifications, and the highly coveted, athletic title of Olympian. She is also a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified USA Weightlifting Club Coach, and Certified USA Weightlifting Sport Performance Coach. Her experience as a World-Class Athlete has provided her with an understanding of what fitness and nutition plans are necessary to adopt and implement for maximum physical fitness.
    Cara has expanded her resume to include work as a Motivational Speaker, Health and Fitness Advocate, Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Body Transformation Expert, and Coach to professionals, Olympic,and collegiate athletes, celebrities, and disadvantaged youth. After training and competing all over the world Cara, a Southern California native, has returned with a mission and a passion to get people moving and exercising!

    Find out more about Cara by visiting her website: http://www.chfitnessandperformance.com/ or you can visit her at Full Circle CrossFit.  Check out some pictures of the facility below:


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