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  • BodyKore’s Wrist Roller – Forearm Builder

    BodyKore’s Heavy Duty Wrist Roller


    BodyKore is proud to introduce yet another product to help train the forearm muscle.  The wrist roller is comprised of three parts.  The first is the actual roller in which the user grabs with both hands, either moving it towards or away, in a clockwise or counter clockwise pattern.   The second part is the snap hook which connects the heavy duty nylon strap, which is about three and a half feet long, to the end part.  Lastly the third component holds the desired plate weight in which the user is able to change the weight from 2.5 pounds all the way up to 45+ pounds (Sold separately).   We offer different style of plate weights from rubber encased plates to chrome plates.

    After everything is in place the user simply holds their arms out and begins rolling upward or backward until the nylon strap comes to an end.  The user is able to do this exercise until they are fatigued or simply add it to your existing work out.  Forearm muscles are vital in many sports ranging from tennis, golf, football etc.  If you are looking to change up your work out routine and add the forearm group to enhance your arms we highly recommend this product as this is a must have item.

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