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  • BodyKore’s Pro Leather Thai Pads


    BodyKore’s Pro Leather Thai Pads are multi-layered pads perfect for kicking, striking, and punching.  Our pads provide the best shock absorbing capabilities and offer superior protection for the trainers.  The Thai Pad’s are hand crafted in the USA and are made of real leather and offer durable stitching all around the outside of the pad.  The two buckle straps ensure a custom and secure fit for the trainer and also feature a top grip bar to be held by the palm of the hand.  The Thai pads are also able to be customized to offer different densities for the pad from soft to hard.  The Thai pads are offered in two different sizes, medium and large.  They are also featured in both black and red and sold only in pairs.  More information can be found in out MMA section of the store.

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