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  • BodyKore’s New Site Has Launched!

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    Welcome to our official new website layout!  The staff at Team Bodykore will be working diligently to providing you the latest Fitness/MMA news coverage, testing out the latest training products as well as covering your favorite athletes and gym’s training regimes.  We will be testing the latest equipment and giving you an in-depth review of how the equipment works and how we rate it.  We will also be working with world class athletes to develop the best equipment and most effective training techniques to help better your workouts.  Please let us know if there’s any particular product you would like us to review and we’ll definitely look into it.

    This is a user-friendly site so we encourage you to post comments as well as your inputs on the articles.  We would love to hear about your favorite gyms, training equipment or training techniques that you incorporate in your workouts.  We will be holding weekly prize drawings for the best submissions and your submissions will be posted onto our site.

    Please frequent the site and also check out our STORE for over a thousand products as well as monthly specials!  Thanks again for you support and we look forward to providing you the best coverage for your Fitness Products and MMA Equipment needs.

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