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    Forearm Power


    The forearm is one of the most overlooked muscle group while fitness training.  Forearm training is rarely included in the average person’s gym work out routine.

    The forearm power that we offer is perfect for everyone looking to increase the muscle area in the forearm.  The forearm power is adjustable for those with short or long arms, such as kids to adults.  The forearm power also has up to five levels of tension settings.  You will definitely notice the tension of the forearm power once the specified level is set and product is in use.  The product is a must have for those that are into sports that require consistent use of the forearm such as golf, tennis, arm wrestling, basketball, football, etc.  Those that have used this forearm product will probably attest that it has increased their level of game, especially in golf and tennis.

    Unlock the most overlooked muscle group today with BodyKore's Forearm power and get the edge over the competition!

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