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  • BodyKore’s Do It at Home – Gym Work Out Recommendations

    A lot of people simply don't have the time or money to sign up for a club membership down the street or a few hours to drive to the gym, work out and drive home especially those of us that work long hours.  We will be updating and adding a few more posts on home gym work out routines that are not only time efficient but aren't as costly as purchasing a full work out machine that can costs hundreds to thousands of dollars.  All you do to start your home gym are a few simply items and you have yourself a gym.  Now depending on what your work out routine or goals are here are few items that we recommend to help you stay in top top shape, not to mention saving money!

    We recommended everyone that wants to first start a home gym to first look into purchasing the following products.

    1.)  GymBall - These are offered in 45cm - 85cm.  The standard size that is purchased the most is the 65cm.  The gymball is perfect for doing sit-up ons, dumbbell presses or stability ball training.  It is also great for substituting the old office chair for the gym ball to help promote posture.

    2.)  Resistance Bands - Resistance bands offer various levels of tension and are light and travel friendly.  With a set of bands you are able to do many exercises.   Some of the recommend exercises of resistance bands are bicep curls, squats, the seated row, lunges and tricep extensions.  These are a few of the work out routines, we will have more pictures on the actual work out with resistance bands up shortly.

    3.)  Dumbbells - Purchasing an entire set of dumbbells may be expensive but depending on your budget you can either purchase an entire set or a pair in which you feel most comfortable with.  Obviously the more working out you do with the same weights the stronger you will get and probably need to increase the weight amount.  Dumbbells are great for bicep curls, tricep workouts and shoulder presses.

    Kettlebells can also prove to change up the work out routine with squats while holding the kettlebell with both hands, or lifting as well.   Here is a work out routine by our very own Jenna Castillo doing a kettlebell work out.

    4.)  Jump Rope - Great for cardio and it further enhances, agility, foot work, coordination and endurance.  There are many benefits to either purchasing a speed rope of weighted jump ropes.  Change up the jump rope training by either running in place while jump roping or timing yourself with some circuit training.

    5.)  Medicine Ball - Medicine balls are great for core training and exercises.  These are primarily used for stomach work out but can be used for a variety of other work out routines.

    6.)  Wheeling Bikes - Wheeling / Exercise bikes are another great work out for in door cardio.  Our bike is currently on a special deal and works great for keeping your body in physical shape.  We also offer a bike for outdoor use.

    More in depth exercises and explanations will be posted shortly!

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