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  • BodyKore’s Arm Blaster

    BodyKore's Arm Blaster


    The arm blaster is a great fitness product for those individuals looking to curl either dumbbells or barbells the correct way without keeping the elbow too far out, swinging the weights, and arching the back.  This will force good form while lifting weights, maximizing the greatest potential for your muscles to grow and see improvement.  The arm blaster further maximizes your bicep and tricep workouts by allowing maximum stability and isolation to the arms.

    The product was popularized in the 1970’s having even been used by 7-Time Mr. Olympian, Arnold Schwarzenegger.  The arm blaster has a waved like steel piece for the elbows to rest on, keeping them inward towards the body, while a strap is placed over the neck allowing the arm blaster to rest in place.  The strap has a pad where it sits to allow for comfort.  Our arm blaster is made with the best quality.  Even with some of the heaviest weight used by the fitness individual this does not affect the pressure being lifted on the neck area at all since the strap around the neck is used mainly to just keep the arm blaster unit in place.

    The arm blaster is one of the hidden secrets used by bodybuilders and fitness gurus to perfect the form of curling weights.

    Enhance your dumbbells or barbell curl today with BodyKore's Arm Blaster and start seeing results NOW.

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